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How to Install and Update a Computer Driver

This concludes our article that will give you a clear insight on how to shortlist the best free driver updater software for Windows PC to update outdated drivers. Bit Driver Updater tool is best free driver updater for Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 devices. It allows you to download drivers with a single click or even schedule these pending updates to your convenient time. Yes, driver software is a safe option when it comes to optimizing your computer for peak performance and fixing driver-related problems. However, it is always recommended that you download and install such programs or apps only from their official website. Moreover, it incorporates some extra interesting features that make it a must-have software to update drivers.

  • A stop error is a hardware or software malfunction that causes the system to lock up.
  • Even when legit, I believe driver updates are too important to trust to third-party tools.
  • If there is an update available, it will install the latest driver and ask you to restart the PC.
  • Locate the WinZip file and double-click over it to run the automatic installer program.

If the “View optional updates” option doesn’t appear on the page, then Windows Update doesn’t have any new drivers or updates for other products at that particular time. Typically, Windows will detect and install devices automatically using a combination of the local basic driver library and Windows Update. However, you may sometimes have to update some controllers manually. If Windows does not detect any new hardware, open the Control Panel and double-click the Add hardware icon to run the hardware detection wizard. During the steps, you can install custom Windows drivers from a location on the disk. Choose to load drivers, then select the folder containing the drivers for your device. It also has a useful option to scan automatically when Windows starts, allowing drivers to be updated before you’ve started working on the computer.

Manually Download and Install the Latest Device Drivers

If so, download and double-click the driver file to run them. Be extremely careful when doing this, since it’s easy to accidentally download a virus.

how to update driver license address

Moreover, the software contains simple and easy to use the user interface for your operating system. The WinZip Pro Cage characteristic compresses how large information can be squeezed into smaller sizes. Yet, in some cases, WinZip Driver Updater may appear on your Windows system unexpectedly, when you hadn’t even heard of it before. If that happened to you, then you may have experienced its first shady feature – hiding in another program . Bundled programs are those that are offered to you during the installation of another application. Thanks to bundling, users may install WinZip Driver Updater by accident and without wanting it.

How to Update Driver in Windows

Downloading and installing device drivers manually requires a great deal of time, patience, and a certain level of skills. Due to this reason, experts always recommend to update Windows drivers automatically using reliable and competent free driver update tools. What’s more, the software also discovers drivers for unidentified devices in the Windows default program called Device Manager. One of the most impressive features of this program is that it updates out-of-date drivers to the latest versions in just one-click, even without the need of internet connection. Drivers, also referred to as device drivers, are special types of computer programs which allow your computer OS and various other apps connect with some hardware that you have. For instance, your PC lacks the knowledge of using all of your video card features, and it requires the assistance of a driver. Basically, using camera, printer, scanner, mouse and any other hardware on your PC can be impossible without a driver.

  • HP and Microsoft provides a variety of recovery tools to restore the computer to its original factory condition.
  • Advanced Driver Updater is the way to go if you are pressed for time or are concerned about installing the wrong driver.
  • Step 4) After the update gets downloaded, just double-click on it to install it on your system.
  • Printers are the most essential device just like computers or laptops, nowadays.
  • Installation of erroneous or outdated drivers could seize up your PC and place your system at risk.

Several people have messaged me recently asking about “driver update notices” that are popping up on their computers. Have you ever experienced an Internet outage or disconnection, a complete local area network , or a wide area network failure? The leading cause of such incidents is network device malfunction or latency in network bandwidth. Traceroute is the most common Brother mfc-7860dw driver for windows 64-bit tool used by network engineers to debug network connectivity and troubleshoot latency issues. Scroll down and under Additional options, click on Optional updates. The Device Manager window will be opened, where you can see all the installed drivers. Improved PC hardware performance – This could save you a ton of time by improving speed and/or performance.

I would advise that you update the driver manually to save time and minimize the chances of correcting the wrong drivers. Windows 11 will most likely automatically download the correct driver for your device when you connect it to the internet. In some cases, you may need to install it manually. Windows updates will generally update drivers automatically, but it isn’t always that easy. This driver updater also did a fine job finding outdated drivers and found 11 drivers without including plug-in device drivers.

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